Patricia Junyent

Chief Product Officer, Acceso

Patricia is Responsible for the offer and services of the company, both current as new business lines, leads development projects working with the analysis teams, Operations and Technology in Spain, Latin America and the USA. Passionate about the measurement, analysis and marketing strategies, has won several awards with the team, like  the AMEC Awards for Innovation in new methodologies measurement, with the project “Election Talks Tracking Project”, offering the forecast of vote of the elections Spanish based on Offline Listening,  Online and on social networks; or previously the EFI Silver in better campaign integrated and measurement for Danone. Previously he had led the Data & amp; Analytics at Havas Media Group, and formerly General Manager of Archibald Ingall Stretton (a.i.), interactive marketing agency of Havas Digital in Spain.

She began her career as a consultant at A.L.G. company of the Europraxis group. Throughout his career he has developed marketing, communication and communication strategy, implementation and measurement projects for clients such as DKVSeguros, Iberdrola, Vueling, El Corte Inglés, Solvia, Natural Gas, Nivea, Puig, Nutrexpa, Danone, GNF, Jazztel or Aena among others. In parallel, he has been a shareholder and has collaborated with e-commerce sites such as and

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