Jeroen Scholten

Founder & Managing Director, Publistat

Jeroen is founder and managing director of Publistat. After his master’s in Political Science, he worked as a PR-consultant for several years. In 2000, he started the company out of frustration at the lack of a fact-based approach in PR. At that time Publistat was the first media research company in the Netherlands. Now more than 30 analysts work at Publistat, which is widely recognised as the most reliable media monitoring and research company in the Netherlands. Jeroen likes to work for demanding clients such as Heineken, ING, the European Parliament, the Dutch Government. Jeroen has personally advised many organisations including blue chip companies and government ministries. It is his personal, as well as the company’s ambition, to make PR as respected as other corporate disciplines. Jeroen makes a strong case for this ambition, as member of the Advisory Board of Logeion, the Dutch association of communication professionals and within AMEC, as a member of the European Chapter and Membership Committee.

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